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Get out the weed killer and let's do this. Oh, and grab some fresh seeds.

We lead as we are.
Our actions are a reflection of how we see ourselves and what we think about ourselves.
We’re seeing everything through a lens that was created by experiences when we were children and the meaning that we added to those experiences.

When we look at success, we try so hard and work diligently on the skills and mechanics, yet mindset should be our first priority. It’s how we see situations and people (which is really a reflection of how we see ourselves) that determines the outcome of our life and the level to which we become successful.
Learning information is extremely useful, as long as we don't believe it is going to outweigh our mindset.

Education should never be confused with wisdom…

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New Year, Best Me.

In these photos I was 20 pounds lighter &
and strong as EVER—and if you had told me that three years later I’d be physically weak and squishy yet spiritually and emotionally fit, I would have laughed in disbelief.

Yet, here I am. Soft, stiff, clothes that don’t fit—yet my heart, mind and soul at their highest peak thus far. 
How can that be?

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