What kind of life could you have if you became a detective hell bent on collecting evidence every day, to support the notion that your life is INCREDIBLE, AMAZING and something to CELEBRATE?

Most of us spend our days collecting evidence to support the opposite—even if we don’t realize it. Our brains are designed to search for what’s if we want different results in any are of life we need to reprogram them to search for what’s RIGHT.

This works for relationships, jobs, our body cracks the code, my friends. Start in one area of your life and then expand from there...if you think your husband doesn’t appreciate you, start looking for evidence to prove that he DOES...if you think you’re unattractive, find evidence that you are, in fact, BEAUTIFUL. It’s there, I promise. It’s just that we are looking at everything else and have no idea that the proof is right under our noses.

Have you ever noticed a new style of car for example and then after that you feel like you keep seeing them everywhere? That isn’t a coincidence—the cars were always there. You’re just looking through a new lens. They were always right there.

So what will it be? 
How will it be? 
You get to decide. 
Starting now.

I chose to do this in one of my closest relationships. I was certain that I was not appreciated and that I was invisible. And I saw the evidence every day. So—I got more of that and that’s all I could see. When I chose to shift my thinking and started looking for clues to support that I am loved, wanted, appreciated and seen, that’s what I saw.

And my sadness turned to appreciation which is a magnet for joy.