We are not defined by the success of our kids. We are not our childhood nor our paycheck. The lies we’ve told ourselves have nothing on our truth. We are not defined by our weight, our hair, our dimply thighs, our mistakes, our failed marriages, our stretch marks, nor our fear.

We are not our husbands.

Our value is infinite and deafens the highlight reel with its whisper. The number of social media followers has nothing to do with reality—it’s a mirage that we nod to without giving up our power. We are complex and mysteriously, predictably unpredictable. We are sexy and loving and powerful and flawed in the midst of our perfection.

We are our mothers and sisters and daughters and every ounce of female spirit in the universe. We are warriors and Goddesses who know that without divine love there is no one.

Divine love flows through us and abides in us and we will kick ass as we grow in grace and stillness.

Jill Herman