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Breaking Through The Wall: June 1st- June 30th

Join Jill for a unique 30-day digital workshop designed to identify and navigate what is holding you back in all areas of your life.

About This Event


June 1st - June 30th, 2019


$497, for the 30-day digital workshop.

What You Can Expect:

Jill will take you through a 30-day unique process which will identify what has been stopping or blocking you, show you how to walk through those fears and undo the limiting beliefs that are unknowingly hindering your growth. She will also teach you the mindset that got her to a multiple six figure income and more importantly, allows her to work without stress, worry, comparison, fear and with zero feeling that she's managing her team or forcing outcomes. It allowed her to mend broken relationships, enhance her existing relationships and live with an authentic feeling of joy and abundance.

When she created and applied these techniques and taught them to her team, Jill's income grew 30% year-over-year for three consecutive years, AND she worked half of the time as before. Her team became self-motivated and her business grew with ease....and continues to. She learned to love her body, believe the life of her dreams was within reach and watch as opportunities and blessings were attracted to her as if she were a magnet.

This workshop is NOT a regurgitation of what's already out there. It is NOT strictly personal development and it is not focused only on business growth. It's a mesh of both, and it has a proven track record. If you participate fully, are willing to get uncomfortable, if you approach this course with an open mind and and open heart, you WILL get results. You WILL have breakthroughs. Be sure to read some of the many endorsements on her web site and on Linked In to hear what past participants say.

This powwow is NOT about becoming a six figure or multiple six figure earner, although the mindset applies. This is about getting unstuck, finally moving forward without stress and pressure, learning how to lead instead of manage, and master growing your team and your paycheck by GROWING YOU. All areas of your life will be unlocked.

What You Will Receive:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions (Hosted on Zoom and available for replay)

  • Daily coaching, messages & encouragement.

  • Weekly assignments & homework that will encourage practical application of the learned material.

  • 1 hour private coaching session with Jill after course completion.

  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can stay connected with Jill & other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Who Is This Workshop Designed For?

ALL WOMEN seeking personal growth and breakthrough in their life!

This 30-day course is not for those who are unwilling to change their thoughts and patterns. "Breaking Through the Wall" is for go-getters who take their business seriously, or at the very least, are willing to as soon as they register. You will need to be teachable, have a burning desire for better results and a willingness to participate. If not, you won't get the outcome you deserve!

"I'm not doing this for the money. I'm doing it to make a difference for each woman who enrolls and I cannot do that unless everyone is ready to DIG IN and PLAY BIG. If you do, magic will happen. The fee is so you have skin in the game and to show you that my time is valuable, so that you will see your time as valuable.” - Jill Herman

If your business or life is stagnant or stuck it is not because of outside circumstances, it's because your mindset and habits need an upgrade! This event will be one that you look back on as a life-altering game-changer in all areas of your life. It will challenge you in new ways, help you discover your blind spots and most importantly help you identify your hidden gifts.

How To Attend:

After registration you will be emailed an invitation for weekly video conferences, conferences will be hosted on Monday evenings @ 9:00 pm (EST).

In addition to a weekly video conferences, you will receive an invite to an exclusive Facebook group. Weekly conference calls will be recorded and available on this Facebook group page along with Facebook live sessions, hosted by Jill, that offer additional coaching and support. The group will offer you access to Jill and great connections with other like-minded individuals!

At the end of the month you will also receive an invitation for one private coaching session with Jill where you will have the opportunity to concretely define and outline some tangible next steps in your career!


Her presentation style was interactive, engaging and thorough… We recommend Jill to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members.

/  Mindy szczepanski  /

AVP, Financial Sales Manager at First Federal Bank of the Midwest


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