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I’m Jill. I’m a wife, a mom to a blended bunch of 5 teenagers and an entrepreneur.

My specialty? Showing people how to get the life they deserve by getting past what’s stopping them.

Over the last eleven years I built an online business that generates millions in annual revenue and I lead a team of over 500 people who don’t actually work for me. In order to do this, I had to discover my own gifts that were hidden by fear and insecurity and inspire my team do walk that path as well. I showed them that the only route to true success is through shifting our mindset, recognizing the ridiculous beliefs that stop us and owning the power that was within us all along.

Magic happened.

From mommies to CEO’s, it’s all about mindset. All of us benefit from looking inward and cleaning house. And I love showing people how to do it well.

With over 2000 readers and hundreds of online students, my blog, courses, and events are proof that people are hungry for growth, abundance and success.

I’m honored to use my own journey to help anyone who’s ready.

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“...I Just finished the final session tonight and can easily say that it was the best hour/week investment that I have made in my life, my ministry, my career, and my future. Thank you Jill! ”

/  Amy hanna  /

Co- Founder and Director of the RespectTeam


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